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DGC Group is a worldwide leader in safe, clean electricity generation and energy services. For over 20 years, we established a strong foundation as a world-class independent power producer through Diamond Generating LLC in the North American power business.


As the electricity market continues evolving, we have expanded into new areas including: distributed generation with solar pioneer Nexamp; energy trading and management-joining forces with Boston Energy Trading and Marketing; offshore wind with Diamond Offshore Wind, and leveraging DGC's strong in-house development expertise.


The combined offerings of DGC Group companies provide a full range of electric generation and related services. Together, we are the DGC Group.


To provide sustainable power in North America from project development, operations and maintenance, and energy commodities trading to asset management and ownership.

We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and shifting efforts towards a decarbonized society by diversifying our strategic portfolio in clean energy.

Diamond Generating Corporation was founded in October 1999 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation.

Our Three Corporate Principles

Our Three Corporate Principles have served as Mitsubishi Corporation's core philosophy since the company's establishment, inspiring us to continually improve the way we address our economic, environmental, and social responsibilities around the world.


Project Development

Our utility-scale projects fulfill a region's immediate and future energy requirements while developing strong, long-term relationships with our host communities.

Operations & Maintenance

Our O&M services provide everything required for power generation owners, delivering the best commercial value by minimizing operational risks while maintaining high availability.

Solar & Storage

Our solar and storage projects provides green energy and cost savings for clients. We have developed distributed energy projects in the West Coast, East Coast, and the Midwest.

Energy Trading

Our traders have a robust presence across the North American energy space. Drawing from years of experience, our energy traders at BETM are able to offer products tailored to the exact needs of our counterparties.

Asset Management

Our asset managers provide executive leadership and third-party asset management services across multiple disciplines to deliver exceptional results.

Energy Management

Our Energy Management platform was designed with one thing in mind: maximizing value for our asset owners.


Our people are seasoned industry experts who bring one thing to every project:

The Energy to Succeed

Leverage Our World-Class Experience

Our comprehensive understanding of the industry is based on our owner/operator/trader experience. We share this experience by offering turnkey project solutions for investors or providing tailor-made energy services for our clients’ specific needs.  


DGC takes great pride in having Mitsubishi Corporation as our parent company. Through Mitsubishi Corporation, we are closely aligned with a global network of affiliate companies, all of which are prominent players in the energy industry worldwide. Tapping into this wealth of global energy knowledge, experience, and capabilities, we empower our clients with the leverage they require to achieve success.


Mitsubishi Corporation (MC) is a global integrated business enterprise that has expanded far beyond its traditional trading operations to include project development, production and manufacturing operations, working in collaboration with our trusted partners around the globe. MC has 10 Business Groups that operate across virtually every industry including:

  • Natural Gas

  • Industrial Materials

  • Petroleum & Chemicals

  • Mineral Resources

  • Industrial Infrastructure

  • Automotive & Mobility

  • Food Industry

  • Consumer Industry

  • Power Solutions

  • Urban Development

With Approximately


Offices & Subsidiaries



Countries & Regions Worldwide

And a Network of Over


Group Companies

Mitsubishi Corporation Employs a Multinational Workforce of Over




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The world needs more sustainable power every day.
We have the experience and global clout to get it done. Let’s talk about your needs – and how we can help.

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