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Asset Management

Hands on the Wheel Experience

DGC Management, LLC offers highly qualified asset managers providing executive commercial leadership for project owners across the United States and Mexico.

As a company that owns thousand megawatts of generation, we know how to manage assets for the benefit of investors. And we manage 3rd party assets with the same dedication as our own.

Our asset managers are responsible for the commercial oversight and management of a 3,700 MW portfolio of combined-cycle, simple-cycle, energy storage, solar and wind energy projects across the United States and Mexico.

Optimized Performance & New Opportunities Captured

We use the latest industry information, software platforms and technology tools as we consistently employ creative thinking to optimize performance, capture new opportunities in the marketplace and improve bottom line results.

Our precision accounting and compliance functions ensure you have clear insight across the spectrum of your operations and confidence in corporate adherence to all applicable laws, regulations and permit conditions.

Our Asset Management Services Include:

  • Corporate

  • Finance

  • Government

  • Commercial

  • Environmental

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