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The Energy Trilemma: Does DGC Have a Solution?

Is it possible to avoid power catastrophes, meet the growing demand for energy, and provide affordable energy solutions, all while reducing our global carbon footprint?

Balancing any resulting trade-offs between seemingly conflicting interests (environmental sustainability, access, and affordability) requires a deep and multifaceted understanding of the energy industry. A solution to this “energy trilemma” could only be achieved by diversifying energy resources and actively managing the demand for power by embracing innovative technological solutions.

Diamond Generating Corporation (DGC) has the energy solution for today, and tomorrow.

Diamond Generating Corporation (DGC) has the energy solution for today, and tomorrow.

DGC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation, providing sustainable power in North America. Aligning with leading industry players and tapping into 30 years of global energy knowledge propelled DGC to become a worldwide leader in safe, clean electricity generation and energy services.

DGC’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint prompted it to diversify its strategic portfolio in clean energy. By horizontally integrating with leading players in the energy industry and leveraging the worldwide reach of the largest globally integrated business enterprises, Diamond Generating Corporation (DGC) meets the exacting demands of a marketplace placing a premium on sustainable energy.

DGC’s strong portfolio includes a diverse family of power companies that bring value across the full spectrum of the energy value chain. The combined DGC Group offerings provide a full range of electric generation and related services to generation asset owners, managers & operators, utilities, investors, developers, community choice aggregators, municipal and co-operative utilities:

Diamond Generating LLC: Operations & Maintenance for power generation owners across North America, Project Development, Power Asset Management.

Diamond Offshore Wind: Supplying local neighborhoods with clean, dependable energy from the wind.

NEXAMP: Solar power and energy storage solutions.

BETM: Electricity trading & energy management business in the US, fuel procurement & electricity sales to power plants, & power supply for retail companies.

Diamond Energy: Retail energy services offering fair electricity prices and solutions.

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