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Energy Management

Client customized services: dispatch optimization and risk analysis

Diamond offers our energy management services at BETM that focus on three things:

  1. Maximizing your ROI by capturing optimal market value
  2. Providing reliable, secure and confidential services that fully comply with market rules and regulatory requirements
  3. Seeking creative opportunities to further optimize existing approaches
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Tapping into our roots

Our subject matter expertise in the deregulated markets across the US enable us to serve every client at a high level of customer satisfaction.

We trace our history to the issuance of the first FERC market-based rate license, and we've continued evolving with US power markets to this day. Our experienced team and state-of-the-art systems enable us to optimize assets to create increased ROI for our customers. By effectively managing commodity and congestion exposure, we improve asset returns through risk analysis and the optimal dispatch of resources.

From optimized bidding strategies and custom reporting, to capacity management and bespoke structured transactions, our asset managers provide the right solution for your situation.

Our energy management services include:

  • ISO Energy management services
  • Wholesale supply, hedging and collateral services
  • Position tracking and reporting analysis
  • New asset registration
  • ISO and regulatory support for client onboarding
  • Risk Analysis (Gross margin, VaR, exposure)
  • Structured power and fuels transactions
  • Merchant energy storage value optimization
  • Bid optimization & offer strategy - energy, ancillaries and capacity
  • Congestion risk management (e.g. FTRs and virtual products)
  • Merchant Transmission upgrades

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